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This has been another really great week in knitting. I’ve made some gifts and a fun set of vintage look wrist/hand warmers.

ponchette made with Lion Brand Yarn, Homespun in Windsor

fun button closure for the ponchette

I made another ponchette, using a free knitting pattern I found on Lion Brand’s website. I modified the pattern by breaking the round after the final decrease round to make the neck opening a little larger. I chained a loop to wrap around this fun button that I found to make the neck closure. The button-loop closure adds a fun detail and some utility making it easier to get over the head.

vintage look wrist/hand warmers

This week I also completed my vintage look wrist/hand warmers (see below for my pattern), creating the pattern using a couple different ribbing patterns and breaking the round to create the thumb holes, which enabled this project to have no seams.  I had a lot of fun making these. And I found some pretty opalescent buttons as the perfect finishing touch.

It was a week full of creativity and fun projects. I’m looking forward to completing some other wrist/hand warmers this upcoming week, a fun mobius infinity scarf, and starting (and maybe finishing) a few more holiday gifts. Some fun ways for me to find a little bit of creativity each and every day.

How did you express your creativity this last week? How will you express your creativity in the upcoming week?

Pattern for: Vintage Look Wrist/Hand Warmers

US Size 4, 9″ circular needle
Classic Elite Yarns Cotton Bam Boo (knitting weight DK)

CO 49. Slip the st on the end of the right needle to the left needle, k2tog to join in the round. 48 stitches (you can make the tube larger or smaller, being mindful to maintain a total stitch count that’s a multiple of 4).

Rows 1 & 2, *p2k2, repeat from *
Rows 3 & 4, *k2p2, repeat from *
Rows 5-52, repeat rows 1 through 4 (if you want a longer arm, continuing repeating rows 1 through 4 until desired length is achieved)
Rows 53 & 54, *p2k2, repeat from * 

To create the opening for the thumb:
Row 55, *k2p2, repeat from *; at end of row, turn work
Row 56, *p2k2, repeat from *; at end of row, turn work
Row 57, repeat row 55
Row 58, repeat row 56
Row 59, *p2k2, repeat from *; at end of row, turn work
Row 60, *k2p2, repeat from *; at end of row, turn work
Row 61, repeat row 55
Row 62, repeat row 56
Rows 63-70, repeat rows 55 through 62

Row 71, rejoin round (closes the opening for the thumb)
Rows 71 & 72, *k2p2, repeat from *
Rows 73 & 74, *p2k2, repeat from *
Rows 75-78, *k2p2, repeat from *
Rows 79-82, *p2k2, repeat from *

Row 83, *k2p2, repeat from *
Row 84, bind off (cast off) *k2p2 (and complete finishing)

I finished them off with the pretty buttons, but consider finishing them off in a manner that best suits your personal taste.

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