Sunrise at the Lincoln Memorial

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Last Saturday, myself, a few friends, and dozens of amateur and professional photographers went down to the National Mall to take pictures of the sun rising over the Capitol and the Washington Monument. We all then turned around and took pictures of the beautiful glow the sun created on the Lincoln Memorial. The sun only comes up in this position twice a year–during the autumnal and vernal equinoxes. Here are a few of my favorite images, which made getting up so early completely worth it (more to be posted in my photo gallery in the next week).

Hope you enjoy these too! Happy Autumn!

IMG_9214 IMG_9295 IMG_9347 IMG_9372

My favorite thing about gray days…

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Over the last month, DC has seen it’s fair share of gray days. And although too many gray days can bring my spirits down, there are things about them that do raise my spirits. A few years ago, when I started to learn more about photography, I learned that some of the best natural color saturation comes on an overcast day. I had never really thought about it before, but on beautiful sunny days, without some of the right tools, colors can be extremely washed out by the sunlight (which is why dawn and dusk are the best times to take pictures – the light isn’t so direct). So on all these gray days, I’ve been looking at what the city has to offer and took these photos to thoroughly enjoy the color saturation.

DC has been doing some beautiful landscaping on the city streets.

more of the beautiful colors

loving the red

some more of the beautiful pink flowers around DC... i think pink is the "in" color for flowers this year.

my ultimate favorite... pink, raindrops, and lots of beautiful color

With the help of my smartphone, I’ve been taking these pictures and there are many more, but these are some of my favorites. They are bright spots on gray days and for as much as I don’t love so many gray days, I look forward to being able to take more of these every opportunity that I get.

What’s your favorite thing about gray days?

Springtime in DC

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Springtime is one of my favorite times in DC. The flowers are blooming, the cherry blossoms peak, and the trees start filling out again. This spring I’ve found myself capturing the season with my iPhone lens, as it’s so handy, using it as an impromptu opportunity for some creative play, which is oh so important to me. Here’s a collection of spring through my iPhone lens (hopefully soon there will be some through my regular camera lens too)…







































Spring is definitely beautiful in DC. I only wish that I had the time this year to find my way down to the Tidal Basin to visit the cherry blossoms there at their peak. And I’m hoping soon for an expedition to the National Tulip Library, before spring turns into summer and the tulips have faded away. I hope to have more images to share soon, from more impromptu creative playtime.