Another Afternoon of Art Journaling

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the finished cover of my 2012 planner pad

I spent today enjoying a lot of creative energy with two artist dates – art journaling and knitting – and my bi-monthly book club meeting. (Check out upcoming posts this week to hear more about the knitting circle and book club meeting – The Four Agreements.) After a morning of knitting followed by a much needed manicure, I headed into the Penn Quarter to meet up with some friends and fellow yoginis at Teaism to art journal.

Jessica, Julie, Valerie, & Julia

Danielle, me, & Hilary








we really spread out at the Teaism in Penn Quarter. (this is completely normal for us.)








I also delivered Julia's new scarf to her. Here she's modeling it doubled.

We settled in, spread out, and got to work. As usual, we each did what worked for us. There were images collected for future use, creations of 2012 inspiration pages, and lots of catching up. Me? This afternoon, I spent my time decorating the cover of my 2012 planner pad with inspiring words and images. (I’ve left the back to be done sometime in 2012.) I “laminated” it with clear contact paper, so it should be able to withstand getting beat up in my purse over the course of the next 13 months.

As always, I had a great time. But then again, it’s hard not to, when the your afternoon is filled with great company and good conversation.  And before we left, we picked dates (to be confirmed) for our first couple get togethers in the new year. It was a great way to spend the afternoon.

When was the last time you shared inspiration and creativity? Have you found your inspirations for the year ahead?

Another Afternoon of Art Journaling

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Today was quite the day. It started at Buzz coffee shop and a knitting artist’s date with my friends Alison and Eve (check out this Tuesday’s “A Yogini’s Knitting Corner” for highlights from the morning). It ended with an art journaling artist’s date with some of my fellow Tranquil Space yogis and friends, Valerie, Julia, Julie, and Rachel.

We spread out at a couple tables in the basement of the Teaism in the Penn Quarter, and began flipping magazines, tearing out words and images, and putting together our art journal pages…

Rachel finding what inspires her


Valerie working on some of her journal pages









Julie creating her pages


Julia finding images and words









that's me, working on my first layered pages


I had a lot of fun this afternoon. I tried out some layering techniques using magazine inserts that I hadn’t used before and revisited my 2011 and 2012 action items from last weekend’s workshop. Here are my results…

inspirational images... pages in process






inspirational image and a great article from Real Simple about 5 rules to be broken





my 2011 and 2012 action items (revisited from last weekend's afternoon)






inspiration in words and images





inspirational images and words of inspiration and affirmation






It was a great afternoon that was filled with positive, creative energy, great conversation, and great people. It’s always fun to get together to art journal and catch up. And at the end of our afternoon, we set the date for our December afternoon of art jounaling. I am psyched for what is promising to be another full day of artist’s dates.

When was your last artist’s date? How do you like to share inspiration and creativity with your friends?

Another Afternoon of Art Journaling

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some of my finished pages from today

Earlier this year, I was introduced to art journaling when I attended an art journaling playshop lead by Kimberly Wilson. And I was immediately hooked. Although I don’t do much journaling on my own, I have lots of fun when I art journal with friends. So in September, my friend Valerie and I took up residence at the Starbucks in Clarendon for another afternoon of art journaling. And soon after, we have begun scheduling monthly artist dates to art journal and catch up.

the Sky Studio at Tranquil Space Dupont... i love this space, it was a perfect venue for the workshop

This weekend, Kimberly hosted another playshop and I couldn’t pass it up. It was another opportunity to be surrounded by creative, positive energy.  And it’s so much fun to socialize while setting goals, gauging where I want to be at the end of 2011 and where I hope to be going in 2012, reflecting on what we are thankful for, and thinking of more ways to incorporate creativity and creative activities into my every day life.

me with my spread of art journaling supplies, doing a little knitting before the workshop started

When I arrived at the Sky Studio, I set up my nest, equipped with blanket, meditation cushion, knitting, and all of the supplies I bought.

just some of the ephemora that Kimberly provided

Just like with the workshop I attended in July, Kimberly provided us some fun ephemora that we could incorporate into our journal pages.

the contents of my ephemora packet - thank you Kimberly!


The ephemora packets were full of so many fun things. (I can’t wait to work on a page where the leopard print ribbon resonates with my theme of the day.)

After we introduced ourselves and shared our reasons for coming to the workshop, Kimberly started providing us with our journaling prompts. The first prompt was to reflect on where we want to be or what we’d like to be doing by the end of 2011. I took this a step further and thought about where I’d like to see myself going in 2012. This is the evolution of my reflections:

the blank canvas I started the day with

sorting through and selecting words and images that resonated with me today










the backgrounds before I collaged over them

the finished pages - things i want to do the rest of 2011










I also decided that I wanted to add some inspiration from nature…

inspiration from nature (framed with the tissue paper background from the next page)

inspiration from nature










Everyone was having a lot of fun and finding inspiration and creativity.

my friend Valerie working on her journal pages

the other workshop participants










me and Kimberly

Similar to the first workshop that I attended, we closed out the afternoon sharing our take-aways about the afternoon. It seems that we all found something therapeutic about our journaling experiences this afternoon. I enjoyed pulling words and images together again, in such a positive and creative environment. It was such a great way to spend a Sunday afternoon.

Check out Valerie’s blog for her take on the afternoon.

I’m looking forward to my next scheduled afternoon of art journaling and definitely looking forward to future art journaling workshops.


Another Afternoon of Art Journaling

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Back in July, I attended a wonderful workshop led by Kimberly Wilson where I learned about art journaling and had a wonderful, fun, and relaxing experience. One of the best parts of the afternoon for me was sharing in the positive, creative energy of everyone who attended, while we were doing our art journaling. Yesterday afternoon, my friend Valerie and I had our own “mini” art journaling workshop. We sat down at a Starbucks, spread out our combined art journaling supplies, enjoyed some sweet and decadent beverages, tore out words, images, and full pages from magazines, chatted up a storm, and created our journal pages.

That's me.

This is Valerie.









I spent the first part of the afternoon putting together some new collage pages, using images, words, and pages that I’d collected since the workshop in July. I actually hadn’t done a collage journal entry since the workshop. I’ve found myself having more fun at home finding full magazine pages that I can just cover with my thoughts. And after I collaged yesterday, I found more of those pages and began to adhere them onto various pages in my journal to have pages all ready for my next urge to write. Figuring out the layout and adhering words and images that resonate with me to the cardstock background was so much fun and definitely relaxing. Although I didn’t use all of my “new” art journaling supplies, I did play with some of them and there are many leftover for use on future art journaling afternoons.

the first of two collage pages

the second of two collage pages of the day









As Valerie and I chatted, I laid out the pages, taped and glued the words and images, and used markers and ephemora to enhance my thoughts. I was like a kid in a candy store during the back-to-school supply sale at Staples. I picked up fun things to use in my art journal (multi-color permanent markers, post-it tabs, etc.) and practical items for art journaling (double-stick tape, glue sticks, scissors, pencil case, etc.). My favorite markers are definitely my silver ones. They helped me create the fun silver border on the photo on the right (above).

our collection of art journaling materials

the rest of our collection








I eventually joined Valerie in flipping through our combined collection of magazines (Real Simple, Fitness, & Self) for more words, images, and pages. I amassed a new collection of words and images that resonate with me for use in future collage journal entries. And I set up some new full-page backgrounds. This is the advanced preparation that I’ll appreciate the next time that I sit down to art journal.

Valerie and I spent nearly 4 hours at Starbucks yesterday. And we plan on finding the time to do this again next month. It was a fun and relaxing Saturday afternoon and definitely a great way to wrap up the first half of my long Labor Day weekend.

Have you tried art journaling? Do you like to do it by yourself or with friends? How do you like to prepare for your art journaling afternoon?

The Versatile Blogger Award

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Receiving awards is always fun. My yogini friend, Christine, from my 200 hour yoga teacher training recently awarded me the Versatile Blogger Award. Being me, I did a little digging trying to figure out who thought of this award and when it was first given out. The origin of the award is very much a mystery, but at its heart, is the desire to help your blog readers learn more about you and to recognize and share recently discovered blogs.

My friend Christine - YogaTwistOnLife (photo credit: Gleam Photography)

Christine and I met during our level 1 teacher training (the first 33 hours of the 200 hour certification). Christine started her blog at the beginning of our teacher training journey and is now a very much seasoned blogger. It’s been fun watching her blog evolve from a journal about our teacher training experiences to a forum for sharing insights on her travels and hobbies, and tidbits about the practice and teaching of yoga. I’m honored that Christine awarded me with this award and I’m happy to pass it on to others who are just as deserving.

Here are the Official Rules of the Award.

  1. Thank the award-giver(s) and link back to them in your post.
  2. Tell your readers seven (7) things about yourself.
  3. Give this award to up to fifteen (15) recently discovered bloggers.
  4. Contact those bloggers and let them in on the exciting news.

Seven things about me (that you won’t learn from the “about lisa” page on my website)…

  1. I’m a certified public accountant, licensed in four jurisdictions – the Commonwealth of Virginia, the District of Columbia, and the states of Maryland and New York. I have four active licenses because when I worked in public accounting, I had to have a license in the state of my home office and the jurisdictions that my audit clients were located in.
  2. I was my sister’s maid of honor. I’ll never forget receiving the call from my sister, while I was on vacation in the Bahamas that she and my brother-in-law got engaged. I was so excited for her. And three days later, she asked me to be her maid of honor, which of course I said yes to. I have always been happy that I was able to be part of my sister’s special day. It’s a day that I don’t think I will ever forget.
  3. I love olives – any kind: regular, oil-cured, kalamata, manzanilla, etc. You name them, and I eat them. Growing up (and who are we kidding, not much has changed), I could make meals out of olives. My dad would put out a bowl for guests and I would be told to wait until the guests arrived. When I was a kid, my grandfather taught me to put regular black olives on my finger tips and then to eat them off of my fingertips. So, I love olives. And yes, I love olive oil, too, for cooking and dipping bread into.
  4. I’m a pescatarian. Despite the fact that I eat vegetarian the majority of the time and also enjoy some vegan meals, when I made the decision to eat vegetarian, I didn’t want to give up fish. I found that it was really red meats, poultry, and pork that would make me feel sluggish after eating them. Fish didn’t have the same effect, and so, I didn’t stop eating it. I also happen to be a lover of sushi. Now all that being said, I mostly eat vegetarian and only have fish once or twice a month (and usually in some kind of sushi style preparation).
  5. I’m a brother… at least that’s what I am in my professional business fraternity, we are all brothers there. My fraternity was founded in 1904 as an all men’s business fraternity. In 1976, after Title IX became law, the fraternity voted to allow women to join, making Alpha Kappa Psi, a co-ed professional business fraternity. Although the issue of what to call women has been a recurring topic at our biennial Chapter Congress meeting, women continue to be called “brothers”. This is part of the tradition and I’m in support of that tradition never changing.
  6. I ran cross country my sophomore year of high school. For a long time I thought I wanted to be a runner, and so, after ankle surgery the summer of 1993, I decided that I would give running a try and joined the cross-country team. I ran that fall and then decided to give track a try the following spring. I determined that running wasn’t my thing and went back to the dance studio to take more tap lessons.
  7. I’ve had two surprise birthday parties thrown for me – for my 20th and 30th birthdays. Both were thrown by my family and friends and I was clueless about both. Who knows what exciting things will be planned for my 40th birthday, but there’s no need to start considering that for another 6 years.

I think that ‘s probably more than just 7 things about me, since I can’t just write a list, I have to have commentary on each one. I hope you enjoyed reading a little bit about me. And now the real exciting part, passing the honor along to others, so without further ado, the Versatile Blogger award goes to:

  • Virya Vinyasa by Jes Hrivnak, the journey of how a type A personality learns to love Bakasana face-plants
  • The Vegan Season by Lindsay Boyd, a blog all about vegan eating
  • Adventures in Vegetarianism by Miriam Miller, a blog about the exploration of vegetarian cooking – from kitchen to restaurants in DC and around the country

For other blogs that I like and that inspire me, check out the Yoga Resources page on my website.