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For the most part, I drink teas that are in tea pouches, but there are those occasions, where I have the right supplies to enjoy loose leaf teas. Some of my favorite teas are of the loose leaf varieties. One of my favorite things about drinking loose leaf teas is that you can generally get more than one serving of tea out of loose tea leaves. After the tea steeps, I remove the tea infuser, enjoy my tea, and then go back for a second and sometimes third cup using the leaves from the first. The ability to get two or three cups of tea from each serving of leaves in the infuser makes using loose tea leaves very economical (even if the leaves seem to cost a little more on the front end, a canister of loose leaf tea seems to last forever, since a little goes such a long way) and a tea infuser, generally only costs a few dollars ($5-$10 usually for one that you pull out of a cup and $20-$50 for a tea infuser tea pot). I have a few different infusers and they are generally easy to find at any store that you can get kitchen gadgets. So, if you don’t drink a lot of loose leaf teas, consider investing in an infuser and trying these and other loose leaf tea varieties. (More loose leaf teas to be featured in future editions of It’s tea time.)

Today’s tea time features…Tea Forte White Ginger Pear and Tea Forte Flora.

Tea Forte White Ginger Pear – a blend of ginger, blackberry leaves, lemon balm, white tea, mallow flowers and natural flavors.

As I’ve said before and it’s worth reiterating, I’m not a fan of “natural” flavors in my teas and other products for that matter. I much prefer enjoying tea that is all ingredients and no “flavors”, but that is not always an option. This White Ginger Pear tea is one of those teas. I really enjoy the flavor (although we can tell the pear is coming from the natural flavors and not from dried pear). This would fall into the fruity tea category. It’s light and has a subtle sweetness to it, so there’s no need to add sugar unless you want it very sweet. There is also a tiny bit of tartness, which is a nice balance to the sweetness. And because it’s a white tea, there is that little caffeine kick that you get, which some mornings you really need. I can enjoy this tea either hot or cold, which is good for when you make it and then it sits on your desk at work for an hour. I feel like it’s a little sweeter when it’s cold, but that is probably just me. I particularly enjoy this tea in the morning, but I’m sure you can enjoy it throughout the day. This isn’t my everyday-go-to tea, but it’s one that I enjoy from time to time and I do have a canister of it above my desk at work. It’s a nice sweet treat on a cold morning.

Tea Forte Flora – a blend of hibiscus flowers, cinnamon bark, and licorice root.

So, this tea is all natural with no natural flavors. And of course, that’s part of the reason why I like it, but it’s also a flowery tea. I’ve written about other teas with flowers in them before and how much I enjoy the flavors. The addition of the cinnamon and the licorice to this tea give it a really nice depth of flavor and balance. It’s surely not a one note flowery tea. The cinnamon and licorice are very grounding, so this tea is great for warming up and getting grounded. These flavors are very homey and very fall. I especially like this tea now as the fall weather is starting to settle in and my energy is a little out of whack. This tea calms me and helps me come into a bit more balance. So, if you enjoy flowery teas, this one is definitely a must try. I have a cup every few days and think that as we move from the warmth of summer into the cool of autumn, it will likely be a more regular feature in my pantry and on my desk.

Have you had tea time recently? What are your favorite loose leaf teas? Please share your suggestions, as I am always looking for new teas to try.

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